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We are seriously looking for new great amazing ideas to add to DevilCraft
Please comment below any ideas you may want to share with us!

This will help us provide a better experience on the server for you guys
Hope to see some good ideas


DevilCraft Team ;)


Here on DevilCraft we take Christmas quite seriously, by this we stride to make sure it is as enjoyable as it can be. Therefore due to this we have a few things planned.
This could include:

Calendar Loot Chests On December
Give & Receive Presents From Others
Christmas Community Build Area
Ban List RESET (Our gift to the naughty ones)
Infinite Snowballs (I'll totally win the fight)
Christmas In-Game Radio
Christmas Day 30% OFF Store Sale

More Information about Christmas Soon!

And obviously a very happy Christmas from your DevilCraft Team.

PVP Tournament

Yes, I know it has been delayed. But with Christmas Holidays just around the corner we should be able to Host PVP Tournament very soon.
Lets see who'll win this years
Date: ###


PVP Tournament

We have decided to run another pvp tournament due to how well and how much players enjoyed our previous one. This pvp tournament will include a new kit and a new arena compared to our previous one.

How do I Join?

Simple answer, to join log onto DevilCraft and type
/tournament join
If you decide you want to quit after and not take part
/tournament quit

Time & Date

Currently we have no time or date of this tournament, but we will soon to be sure to check back here to find out!

Date: (Cancelled) Reworking Date.


1st Place: Rank Upgrade
2nd Place: $500.000 in-game cash
3rd Place: $250.000 in-game cash

DevilCraft is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB.

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