As you all know, we are trying to bring back DevilCraft, from a completely dead state. Well, now that we have it online, we need players, and we want new players so that we can share the experience with everyone. So as of right now, we are accepting 'YouTuber' Applications! If you wish to submit an application, you must send it to me by Private Messaging me on here (forums.) Before you even think about submitting an application, you must have the following requirements:​
- 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube, or 500 followers on twitch
- You must upload/stream 1 video a week about DevilCraft (Preferably game play)
- Most videos MUST be good quality, meaning don't just post "Join" once a week​

You must also follow the format listed below:​
YouTube/Twitch Name:
YouTube/Twitch Channel Link:
Subscriber/Follow Count:
Average Views per video:
Average Subscribers/Followers per month:
How often do you upload/stream:
Why do you want to become a YouTuber on the server:​
What needs to be done:

Here is a list of what needs to be done before the server is completed and ready for the public. As you can see there isn't much left to do. So stay tuned! :wink:

  • - Spawn
  • - Shop (Balanced Economy)
  • - PvP Arena
  • - Donator Permissions (VIP, MVP, NINJA, TITAN, DEVIL)
  • - Donator Ranks (Shop Setup VIP, MVP, NINJA, TITAN, DEVIL)
  • - Donator Place
  • - Staff Area
  • - Tweaks to Wilderness Builds
  • - Move Satan Users to Devil Rank
  • - Banner
  • - Crates
  • - Bug Testing


  • Red - Not Done
  • Yellow - Being Done
  • Green - Done
These will be updated as we work on them!
For everyone that is signing up to the forums, and is wondering why they are not getting a verification email, that is because we currently have it disabled. When you sign up, your account is automatically verified. If you have any issues, feel free to PM me.
Sneakpeak #1

Here is a sneakpeak of new wilderness, this is the only image you will be given.
Image contains 1/4 of Wilderness.

TIP: Look in the background also​

Currently, the server as you all know has been undergoing a lot of maintenance and refurbishing, I'm here to let you know our progress, what you can expect, and maybe even show you a few sneak peaks later on. :wink:

Changes you should expect:
  • The server is here to stay, we are now in full control of the server thanks to PixieTheJoker.
  • New, improved and more dedicated than ever staff team.
  • Permission rework, all donator features, commands, etc. will be completely redone.
  • Great efforts have been made at making the server more noob friendly, making it easier to navigate around the server and play.
  • Maturity, we will no longer be accepting young kids as staff members as it seemed to be quite a negative aspect previously and was complained about often, applications will require far more detail and show much more maturity to be accepted.
  • Server performance, so far the server runs about 250% smoother than it used to, lag should not be an issue, and if it is, you let ME know.
  • New and improved plugins, the most important of which being a new AntiCheat.
  • 1.7.X client support, making PvP a more enjoyable experience.