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PVP Tournament

We have decided to run another pvp tournament due to how well and how much players enjoyed our previous one. This pvp tournament will include a new kit and a new arena compared to our previous one.

How do I Join?

Simple answer, to join log onto DevilCraft and type
/tournament join
If you decide you want to quit after and not take part
/tournament quit

Time & Date

Currently we have no time or date of this tournament, but we will soon to be sure to check back here to find out!

Date: 30/10/2016


1st Place: Rank Upgrade
2nd Place: $500.000 in-game cash
3rd Place: $250.000 in-game cash



Once again DevilCraft has reset, you can now all start over and enjoy playing against others. Some things have changed to make the server more balanced and fun. Hope you all enjoy.

New Spawn
We are not able to add our new spawn yet, but we will soon once its finished we decided to reset without it as Yolo was far too long!


DevilCraft is currently having a 30% off store sale!

DevilCraft is having a store sale because it is 1 week before reset and it is the start of Summer! Sale will only last one week though so be quick. This is the time to get the ranks and perks you've been dying to get.

Enjoy the sale,

DevilCraft Team

DevilCraft is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB.

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