The End of DevilCraft

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, the time has come for our time together to come to an end. This has been a long time coming, and while I’ve tried to stall the end for as long as I can, I no longer have the financial resources nor time to support the server. I understand that many of you will be upset by this, and understandably so. Over the course of this server’s existence, many relationships have been built. Friendships have been born here that have lasted the course of years. Love has blossomed. The community of this server truly was something great, and the relationships that we have all built with one another over the course of time are stronger than just one server. These relationships will endure even past the closure, and I hope that all of you will agree with me that no matter what we will all be able to look back at the time that we spent together with pleasure, rather than sadness.

- PixieTheJoker

I created this server when I was twelve years old, mostly because I thought it would be fun. But now times have changed and with them so have my interests and responsibilities. The server will always maintain a place in my heart, but ultimately everything must come to an end. This server and its community have represented a very great journey not just for me, but for everyone involved in it, and I know that personally I will always value the moments of time that I’ve spent with each and every one of you. Throughout the life of this server, it has changed the lives of many people and has aided people in bettering themselves. I very much hope that everyone is grateful and that we can all move into the future with a smile on our faces.

Thanks to everyone who made this server what it is today. Its legacy will live on forever in our hearts and our memories. I wish everyone a beautiful future, and hope that your lives are the best that they possibly can be.

Best Regards,