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Auctions Tutorial

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Mohammad, Aug 2, 2015.

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    Auctions Tutorial

    First, the item you want to auction, you'll have to hold it in your hand. When that's done you'll have open the chat (Enter or T button, depends on your settings) and type in the following:
    /auction [How many you want to sell] [How much it will cost]. When that's done, you'll be placed in a queue. When you're first in the queue, you'll auction your current auctioned item and people will either start bidding or not. The price will go higher and higher for more the players bid on it. However, the chance for them to bid for something they don't really need at a high price is low. Start off with a low price and let it rise. You can also type in this command ingame /auction help. There's many shortcuts for all variety of commands, like /auc h, shortened of /auction help. It will tell you further things about the auction system.


    Why queue?
    You'll be placed into queue when you've auctioned something. Queue is to keep things ballanced, else everyone could auction stuff at the same time and that would cause spam, also you can unmistakably bid at the wrong thing and lose money in vain.

    Is there any limit how much I can auction?
    No, there's no limit as long as you got the materials in your inventory. For example, if you got 64 stone on your hand and wanna auction 250, keep the rest of the stone in your inventory. Remember that you need stone on your hand to auction ''stone''. If you got glowstone on your hand, you'll auction glowstone instead of stone.

    I got scammed thanks to this, what happens?
    Global scamming at DevilCraft is prohibited, find the rules here. However, on the auction system, it's different. And why? Bid on stuff is at your own risk. You can also type in /auction info for more details about the item that's being auctioned at the time. But scamming people on DevilCraft no matter what, is not a very pleasant thing to do, be cautious.

    I just auctioned the wrong item, what do I do?
    There's still a chance for you to get it back, type in /auction cancel. However, remember this. When you auction something and let the time to run out you can't take it back. And why? It's to keep people preventing to type /auction cancel when they see the bid is so low that they don't even want to sell it and re-auction it for a better price. If you happen to place a wrong start-bid on your auctioned item you can always type in /auction cancel and re-auction for a better start-bid.

    I bid too high, what do I do?
    When you want to bid but bids too high you can't take it back and have to either wait for someone to bid a higher price or ask the owner of the auction to cancel the auction or ask if you could get the money back. Remember that the owner has the full right to reject the offer. So be careful when you bid.

    [New] What is automatically outbid?
    Automatically outbid is for example, if you bid /bid 500 2000 you will bid 500, if someone bids over you, you will automatically outbid that player, if someone bids over 2000 the system wont automatically outbid for you. The ''2000'' says how much you're willing to pay for the auctioned item at the max, therefore it'll automatically outbid for you how much you put the max bid at. Notice that you cannot put the max bid over your current money.

    Got a question?
    Ask them at this thread and one staff will answer you as soon as possible.
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