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[Info] How to Get Staff

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by Mohammad, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Mar 17, 2015
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    Remember: You are applying for Helper with this application, your answers require far more detail, and maturity.

    Requirements for becoming Staff:

    • 14+ Years of age
    • 1+ month on the server
    • Working microphone
    • Active Skype account
    • Dedication to DevilCraft
    • Common sense
    • Patience
    Things to remember if you are Staff:
    • You must answer any question that is asked in the chat.
    • You will not give special treatment to any players.
    • You are allowed to PvP as a staff member.
    • You must use proper grammar.
    • You have to be mature at all times.
    • You are only allowed to raid if you didn't use staff permissions to get to the base. (Force TP, etc.)
    If you're a donator and want to get Staff:
    • Don't worry, you will keep all of your donator permissions and features. The staff rank is tagged along with your donator rank.

    To apply for Staff, copy this form and create a new thread:
    Minecraft Username:
    Old Minecraft Username(s):
    Why you would like to join the team?:
    What makes you different from others?:
    How long have you played on DevilCraft?:
    What experience do you have with servers?:
    Why should we trust you with the permission?:
    Rate your grammar on a scale of 0-20:
    Rate your building skills on a scale of 0-20:
    Anything else you want to add?:

    If you've already applied:

    • You need to be patient, it can take us up to three weeks to completely review and determine if you're ready for staff or not.

    Command System Reminder: /[punishment] [username] [wrong-doing] ([time length])

    /warn Notch Being rude
    /tempmute Notch Bypassing 5d
    /mute Notch Advertising
    /tempban Notch Gamemode Abuse 7d
    /ban Notch Hacking

    Reasons why you probably got denied:

    • The application was too short.
    • Your grammar wasn't good enough.
    • You aren't good at the English language.
    • You don't meet the requirements.
    • You lied in your application.
    • You didn't put effort into it.


    DevilCraft Staff System:

    CHATMOD - You will start off as a ChatMod to prove that you can not only reach our expectations, but go above and beyond.

    HELPER - Once you get helper you will have more permissions, and more responsibilities. You will need to be far more aware of not only the chat but of hackers.

    MODERATOR - If you've surpassed our expectations we had for you as a Helper, then you will be promoted to Moderator. You will now have much higher expectations along with responsibilities with helping around the server in more ways, such as building, opinions, etc.

    ADMIN - Admin is very difficult to get, as it takes work and dedication, if you've proved yourself worthy enough as a Moderator you will get Admin, the final decision lays in the existing Admins but most of all, the Owner. This rank also requires building experience, as you are requested to help out in every build that happens on DevilCraft. Your input on how we should configure our plugins will also be extremely valuable. Any suggestions you make or wish to have changed will have heavy influence on the final decision.

    OWNER - We only have one Owner and it's @PixieTheJoker.

    If you want to report a moderator or a player, you can do it here.

    Good luck.
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