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Outlooks Application for Helper or Higher

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by Outlooks, Jan 10, 2017.


Should I be staff?

This poll will close on Jan 10, 2027 at 5:25 PM.
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  1. Outlooks

    Outlooks New Member

    Jan 10, 2017
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    Old Minecraft Username(s):
    Age: 14
    Rank: Helper +
    Why you would like to join the team?: I want to help DC become a better server, get it out there
    What makes you different from others?: I am mature and will not take DDoS threats as a joke, death threats as a joke. I will warn the player IMMEDIATELY then if it gets too out of hand it will probably be a temp mute and then a ban
    How long have you played on Devil Craft?: a day so far. But in that day I have came to the conclusion that the community is nice to be around and the staff are mature and have reasonable punishments.
    What experience do you have with servers?: I have been staff on a server for a while now {Trial Helper to Mod to Head-Mod and now Admin
    Why should we trust you with the permission?: I am a trusted person. I will not abuse my power as I will be hated on the server. I also believe that if I did abuse, it would be unfair for others as they will not have the permissions I have and therefore wont be able to use the permissions.
    Rate your grammar on a scale of 0-20: 17
    Rate your building skills on a scale of 0-20: 13
    Anything else you want to add?: Seeing as you haven't got a why do you want to be staff part
    I'm going to do one down here :) I hope you like it ;)
    I want to staff because of a few reasons.
    Firstly I want to give back to the players and I want to try my best to be a great staff member and help the players/ New players that need the help. Sometimes there are no staff on and some people find that to be annoying so if I get staff I can be an active member of your staff team and when no staff are on I can log on and help the players with whatever they need.
    Secondly I want to build up my staff skills more and learn how to be a better staff member then I already am (To be a good staff member you always need to learn about every small new thing in the server) Which would be good for me because I will have more experience being a staff member.
    Thirdly The staff on the server are kind on this server and I would like to help out the players as much as I was helped out when I started on the server.

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