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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Mohammad, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Mar 17, 2015
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    DevilCraft Rules

    1# - Do not disrespect staff members. If you think you got treated unfairly, report the staff member here.
    TIP: don't report the Owner. Instead, you can ask him about it here.

    2# - Glitching bugs or abusing bugs is not allowed. Instead, you can tell us about it here and we will reward you with a prize.

    3# - Swearing is strictly NOT ALLOWED. Any user bypassing our anti-swear filter will get punished badly.

    4# - Do not claim/grief warps or spawn.

    5# - Global teleport killing is not allowed. This means you're not allowed to say stuff like in chat "teleport to me for free diamonds", then when they teleport to you, you kill them. If you caught someone do this, please report the user here.

    6# - Do not say people's personal information in chat without their permission. And do not use their personal information to harass them in our server, you may get permanently banned & muted.

    7# - Do not harass or be rude to players....even if they are rude to you. Just because they are rude to you doesn't mean you have to be rude back. Instead, report them here and we will take care of it.

    8# - Donators: do not abuse your permissions. Example: using Creative Mode in their base so they cannot kill you. Or using Fly Mode to get close to them when they are running from you.

    9# - Pvp, griefing and raiding is allowed.

    10# - Don't complain about your mute, ban, kick or warn. If you think you were punished unfairly, please report it here.

    TIP: don't report the Owner. Instead, you can ask him about it here.

    11# - Do not ask the admins or owner for items/ranks. It's annoying them. :(

    999# - Don't grief Mohammad. :jesus:
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