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    Username: Merginq
    Age: 14
    Rank: D3VIL
    Location/Time Zone: GMT+1 ( Barcelona )

    How long have you played DevilCraft?: Since launch in late 2012's / Early 2013. Therefore I am really experienced and know most of the community as the community knows me. I have always got a long with most of the players.

    How much will you be able to play?:

    During the summer:
    • Monday: 9am > 10pm
    • Tuesday: 9am > 10pm
    • Wednesday 9am > 10pm
    • Thursday: 9am > 10pm
    • Friday: 8am > 11:30pm
    • Saturday: 8am > 11:30pm
    • Sunday: 8am > 11:30pm
      • (The schedule can change, depending on the time I wake, go to bed and family meetings also may apply to the alternatives of the schedules. I will fit all my free time into the server)

    During the school year:
    • Monday: 6am > 7:30am <> 6pm > 10pm
    • Tuesday: 6am > 7:30am <> 6pm > 10pm
    • Wednesday: 6am > 7:30am <> 6pm > 10pm
    • Thursday: 6am > 7:30am <> 6pm > 10pm
    • Friday: 6am > 7:30am <> 6pm> 10:30 pm
    • Saturday: 6am > 7:30am <> 6pm > 10:30pm
    • Sunday: 6am > 7:30am <> 6pm > 10:30pm
      • (The schedule can change, depending on the precise time of school, tennis, swimming, football, the time I have to finish my assignments, exams and the time I go to bed. Again, I will fit all my free time into the server)

    Do you have Discord?: I have both Discord and Skype and I use them a lot.

    What can you do for the server?:
    I can do EVERYTHING for the server but here are some scenarios of what I can do in certain moments:
    Scenario 1: A player hacking
    If the player is obvious and blatant. I will ban them, before that, I will have to watch closely if they're skilled or that they're obviously hacking. If the player is suspicious, I will watch very closely and will Freeze them. I won't false ban them.

    Scenario 2: Spam in chat
    Any unnecessary spam or that is not needed, I will immediately mute the individual who is spamming unnecessary things. If everyone is spamming, I will slow the chat down for a time and then presume the global chat back to normal.

    Scenario 3: Enjoy The Ban
    If another Staff Member is abusing and banning players instantly, I will take action with all my circumstances and ban, kick the individual who is abusing. If not, I will contact a higher position who can deal with the Staff who is abusing their powers.

    Scenario 4: Reporting a Player
    If an individual is using this command, I will teleport to that player. The sub-command is useful because many people can bypass the Anti-cheat system. As a player reports a person, I will punish them depending on their actions. Camping will have a different action taken than hacking.

    Scenario 5: Player HelpOP Assitance
    Helpop is a very important part of a job as being a Staff Member. When a player asks for Staff assistance, I will use all my powers possible to help out the player, as if it's out of my circumstances, I will contact a higher position that can help the player out.

    ✪ Scenario 6: DDoS Threats
    I have encountered people who got DDoS'ed. Many tend to ask in global chat how to avoid getting DDoS'ed. So I message them and would tell them all the information to help them avoid a second attack. As a staff, I would ban a player. If anything, I would contact a higher position of the Staff Team who can Blacklist the individual.

    ✪ Scenario 7: Leaking another individual or server IP Address
    For leaking an IP, I will ban the player right away. I immediately with no costs clear-chat and mute the chat for a certain amount of time to avoid IP Spamming for the second time. Again, will contact a higher Staff Member for additional punishments such as a Blacklist.

    ✪ Scenario 8: Toxication and Disruptive behavior in Game
    Mostly, for toxications, I'll have to pass. Though, being disruptive will cause problems for others who are in-game. If another player is using their powers to toxicate or offend another individual in any way of their gender, religion, family or their business. I will contact a higher Staff above to clear the situation and punish them.

    ✪ Scenario 9: Toxication and Disruptive behavior in Teamspeak
    If a player is being reported for a certain behavior, I will immediately take action to stop the individual from doing any more harm to others. I will punish them with a mute, ban or kick depending on their levels of ruining something.

    ✪ Scenario 10: Server and Staff disrespect
    When a player is disliking the server in any way, or offending the server. I will take action to mute and ban the player depending on the way they act in-game. If they are purposely toxic to a staff member or towards the community. I will ban them on the spot to avoid any other damage that is being done to the server.

    Why should we pick you?: There are great reasons for why I should be chosen as Staff. I would be very active and honest on wherever I go on the server. I can contribute a whole lot to the DC community when I still can. Here are the reasons why people suggested me to apply for Staff on DC:

    Activity on the TeamSpeak and In-Game: I can sit in TeamSpeak for a whole day and move people in and help them. As I planned, I would divide my time into 4 parts. The first part is me logging onto DC and helping the players on the server for a quarter of the time. Then I would hop into TeamSpeak where I can move people who are waiting in Support Waiting Rooms for any deliberate help. The cycle goes on, to me that is the most efficient way to moderate and complete my duties as a Staff Member.

    Activity on the Forums: Normally, I spend time on the Forums when I am not on my computer. I spend time on the Forums more when I am offline. Though, I still pick out times when I help people on the forums. I find it fair to help anyone through TeamSpeak, In-Game, and the Forums. The time I spend on the Forums will be less. When there are few players, I will set the Forums priority higher, as people's requests on Forums won't expire. When the server is packed with players, I'll be sure to put forums at my low priority and focus on the server, TeamSpeak more.

    Commands: When it comes to commands, I know a lot. As I said, I was an owner of a server. So I understand most of the commands when it comes to having a Staff Position. Being in the DC Community for well over 5 years had taught me how to use each unique command on DC to help people do certain things with certain conditions.

    Staff Profession: Being Staff is not like playing a normal Block Game. It is like a part-time job. To me, Staff is like a part-time job. As it makes me happy when I'm home from a full day of work and school. When it comes to Staff Profession, I am serious on every step I do to not mess anything in order to help the gameplay run better. I cannot act funny or slack off while doing my job as a Staff Member. Including, making the correct decisions, thinking before you say something, being toxic or not.

    Communication: I am a people's person. I communicate very well to have a viewpoint and understand the other person's perspective better. I know how to speak several languages (not just English). I can help out the people that don't understand English or are new to TeamSpeak or a speaking software. I was told that when I talk, I am not toxic and a very kind, happy person.

    Cooperation: I work as a team very efficiently. I am good with life skills and can cooperate with anyone. I can adapt to their decisions when needed and do the thing they want to. I don't disagree with anyone's opinions nor tell them their decision is bad.

    Adaptation: To me, adapting to the server's way of playing and the rules are simple. Like every other server, having fun on the server is one thing and helping the server by giving back is another. To Devil, I want to prove my points that I am capable of being a part of the Staff Team, and that I can give back.

    Dedication & Perseverance: As mentioned above, I am one man who never gives up on a simple job, nor a job out of my circumstances. I believe there is a way to solve every problem either if it's big or small. I never give up on a task that someone asks me to. Accepting a person's request for help means respecting them. Not accomplishing that task means that you are not worthy of helping others. I dedicate a lot of time into something I want and something I am capable of getting. I always persevere when it's the hardest of times that comes to me.

    Attitude: Towards my attitude, I am a non-toxic person. I don't like to say things that can offend others in any way (their life, their family, their religion, etc.). It is not inappropriate to not think before speaking. It creates a bad part of the community. Just like a virus, starts with a small thing then grows big creating an infection. Just like that, a small group of toxic people can bring others getting peer pressured and follow their toxicity. I am mature and grown to understand what is right and what's wrong.

    Maturity: I am 14, to me at my age, many people think that I am grown and knows more bad things about the world. Yes, older people know more bad things. I don't take the advantage of my age being older to abuse another person. First off, that's not how you are supposed to treat people around you. Secondly, that's abuse of yourself. People call me a full grown adult as I act like one. I am 14, yes, but I understand what's in my abilities and what's not allowed. ( Now a lot of you guys are probably going to say, 14 year olds aren't old! But in all honesty, a huge part of the Devil Craft community are young children from 6 - 18 years olds, I know this because I have been around and I know everyone and most people know me. Around 65% of the server population are 10 and 11 year olds, therefore I feel older and more mature.

    Trustworthiness: With anything to say about myself, I am a very trustworthy person when it comes to duties. I never leave something when I am bored, never leave a task when I don't want to do it. I had never in my hands, took the power to abuse someone or a community. That would leave a bad track of who I am and what I did. Leaving mine to an untrustworthy future. There's 1 thing that I always have inside me. Never turn my back on anything or anyone.

    Inspiration: Aspiring others is one job. Inspiring others is one of the main things that a Staff Member should have in mind. As playing the Staff role, helping others is an important job and inspiring others to think that having Staff is great fun is another needed job. Making others think having Staff position is sloppy and boring will not help others get involved. Helping others to think that the server's Staff team is great, means helping the server grow larger with better and stronger Staff Members. Inspiration is the key to helping out the big part of the server with others that are in dire need of help.

    Bans: Banning a player specifically closes their doors to join the server. Whenever I ban, I wouldn't judge them by their looks or the way they talk. When banning, I take high evidence that the person hacking is using a modification to change their game play to give them an advantage. For instance, I can record evidence of the person cheating. Banning means that you have the right to block the person to enter the server again. Giving them the power to abuse their hacks.

    Recording: I can, and will record any evidence of a player hacking or any pieces of evidence of a player's trace. I can record anything for the community (like a Staff Series to promote the server). I use Open Broadcast Software to record any suspicious activity.

    Goals: My goal towards being a Staff Member is to achieve the better for the server. I would not mind if I was a Mod forever. The last thing is that I can help the server out in TeamSpeak. The thing I can do in my capabilities is spend all my time on the server for the time being. I will help the community out as a job for the Staff Member.

    Software capabilities: I can use several programs very well. For instance, I can use Discord, TeamSpeak, Telegram and Slack very well (as other servers use them). I know the fair knowledge of using them as a Staff Member and will use them if needed in any situation.

    Proper manners: As a person who has lived in the UK. You are taught how to use manners correctly. Upon meeting a person, I use "May, how and please" most often. It's important as a Staff Role to understand the concepts of helping and mending the player's satisfactory. ( Now a lot of you guys are probably going to be saying, but Merginq you live in Spain now! And in fact, yes I do but I was born and raised in England for a good 6 years and have lived in 8 different countries due to my dads job. )

    With all the above, I know that I have the power and capabilities of a Staff Member. With that, I have enough knowledge, experience, and skills to become a part of the Staff Team. As a Staff Member, I will do my best to make a change in the community and help the Staff Team develop

    Previous Staff Experience:
    • ✡ Server: Arson
    • ✡ Position: Trial Moderator
    • ✡ Reason: Resigning
      • Arson was a great server, then it ended the same situation as Parapots, Arson died out too. I was Arson's staff into 2 weeks before everyone started leaving Arson. I didn't do much in Arson as it was the last 2 weeks of everyone staying back. I talked to a lot of players and improved my communicating skills based of Arson.
    • ✡ Server: ParaPvP
    • ✡ Position: Moderator
    • ✡ Reason: Resigning
      • I was Moderator for the last 3 months of ParaPot's opening. By then, YouTubers left ParaPot and moved onto bigger HCF Servers. I didn't think that ParaPot could develop any stronger so I thought of what I could do by that time. I resigned on ParaPot on the last 1 week of its opening. I took lots of experiences in moderating and screen sharing by ParaPots.
    • ✡ Server: VeltPvP
    • ✡ Position: Mod
    • ✡ Reason: Resigning
      • To me, Velt was the main server that started my staff journey. That was before I knew more about Velt. Back then, Velt was dead and known to be very toxic. Back then Velt was a different story. My friends got demoted on Velt for spreading false information. I was not demoted but I saw that Velt was starting to die out. I didn't see much effort I could put into improve Velt back then, so I also resigned.
    • ✡ Server: TotalFreedom
    • ✡ Position: Senior Moderator
    • ✡ Reason: Demotion
      • TotalFreedom is a server where people get free OP. Their OP is limited (they don't have full permissions to ban, kick or mute). I was demoted due to inactivity. I was away for a while with my uncle and forgot to inform the Staff Team that I would be offline for a while. That ended up in a demotion. I learned that whenever I do something, I have to remember to return it back. TotalFreedom was a fun server to play on, it was a fast and short experience as a staff member. I was staff for 1 month.
    • ✡ Server: ComplexPvP
    • ✡ Position: Owner
    • ✡ Reason: Resigning
      • A small Factions server that was opened for quite a while in the past. It is now closed, I decided to leave it back in the past. Back then, I was the owner. As our small server would have 1 main Developer. I would say that, if I had a chance to I would've opened the server for more experience. Back then, TeamSpeak wasn't a big thing so we normally would communicate via. Skype.
    • ✡ Server: Carnage
    • ✡ Position: Admin
    • ✡ Reason: Resigning
      • Carnage was a fun HCF server I was staff on, I really enjoyed it and the server would get a good 500 players, I was in it since the beginning and I had got on pretty well with all the players and the staff members. Sadly the server closed as the owner was spending hundreds of dollars advertising and we wouldn't make any profits.
    • ✡ Server: Mineplex
    • ✡ Position: Trainee
    • ✡ Reason: Resigning
      • Mineplex, it was a really weird experience. I joined the Mineplex staff team in 2014 back when it was big, in fact, the biggest server in the game. Mineplex was different... I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, we were bossed around and made to staff non-stop, if we got off we would get warnings and if we got three we would be kicked, I wasn't really a big fan of this rule and I felt controlled, I left the staff team and moved on to make my own server where I could have complete control and not feel like a machine.
    • ✡ Server: Vexion Network
    • ✡ Position: Owner
    • ✡ Reason: Resigning
      • Now Vexion was a server that I started with a friend of mine, we started off well and we made a network with various gamemodes/servers. We were getting an average 50 players on the first week and it wasn't going bad at all, we were getting players, donations. While I was Owner on there I learned so much and it wasn't easy running a server, plugins, building, accepting staff, hosting. I considered this guy a friend of mine but we fell out and I resigned and I learned a valuable lesson: Never take friends for granted. I left the network and kept playing with Famous rank.
    Anything else you want to add?: Good day to everyone reading this Application, I just wanted to point out a few things. I am Unai, currently 14. I have been in the DevilCraft Community for quite a long time. I started in the DC Community for a 5 year qualification since I started the first time playing Factions. I started DC in 2012 and will be glad to continue with DC for any time longer. My hobbies are simple, they're enjoying time with my friends and playing Tennis. I am a great swimmer and football (soccer) player too. Currently, 13. Been with the Community since the beginning if I do say so myself! Thank You For Reading.
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    From experience I don't believe that you can mature in such a short time span, but goodluck.
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    Thanks for the feedback. But who are you and why would you say. '' You Can't mature in such a short time span '' I don't know if you know me from almost 5 years ago on Old DC but I was 9 years old back then. '' Short Time Span '' I'm sorry but from 9 years to 14 years there is a big change...
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    @Merginq So I've went over it (very roughly as I'm short on time), and I noticed you missed an answer, however it is of little importance to me. I would appreciate it if you could answer any questions that are missing from the new format with this one.
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    Done. :)

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